Video transcript: Melbourne Victory supports Responsible Gambling Awareness Week

[Melbourne Victory players George Howard and Daniel Georgievski practicing on the pitch at AAMI park]

What are your favourite football memories?

[George Howard] ‘If I have a memory of growing up, probably playing my first game. I didn’t have any football socks, I just used my dad’s work socks. Didn’t have shin pads, didn’t understand the rules. I scored five goals – I don’t know how that happened.’

[Daniel Georgievski] ‘I just loved being able to go out every Saturday, Sunday morning and being able to kick a ball around with my friends and just the freedom to go and do that was something that I’ll treasure and just having such a passion for the game.’

[George Howard] ‘As a professional is basically just living my dream of being able to play in the Champions’ league and being able to experience that because I used to wake up 4 o’clock every morning watching the games, and to be a part of something was something I’ll never forget.’

[Daniel Georgievski] ‘My favourite memory – I was selected to join Sheffield United when I was a junior and that was something in my career that I will never forget. It was a really special moment for me.’

Has sports betting changed the way people see the game?

[Daniel Georgievski] ‘I think, to some extent sports betting has changed the way people view the game. I mean people seem to put ridiculous amounts of money on sports games and I think that’s sort of taking away the passion for the game itself.’

[George Howard] ‘Because money is involved. Money out of their own pockets. So people that have a normal wage that are betting on anything. They are risking losing the money, so because of that, it has changed the perception of the game and the way people view it and it kinda loses its passion.’

What do you think of Victory re-signing with the foundation for a further two years?

[Daniel Georgievski] ‘I think that re-signing here at Melbourne Victory for an extra two years, has given us the opportunity to promote a topic that is so prevalent in the Australian culture. Betting is something that over here is a really, really strong topic and I think that by us signing for an extra two years has given us the opportunity to try and reduce that.’

What advice would you give to fans this season?

[Daniel Georgievski] ‘I would tell fans just to enjoy the game for what it is.’

[George Howard] ‘What advice I’ll give to the fans is just to enjoy it. You know, I know a lot of people who gamble on the games. They look at it in a different aspect but, when you come to the games and you see the atmosphere, you forget about everything. So why would you want to destroy that by involving money into a game that is so beautiful?’

[Melbourne Victory, Responsible Gambling Awareness Week 17-23 October, Victorian Responsible Gambling Foundation]

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