Video transcript: What is responsible gambling?

[Busy city streets]

[Man 1] ‘Responsible gambling to me is about being in control. About knowing exactly how much money you can lose.’

[Woman] ‘Knowing your limits, knowing when to stop.’

[Woman 2] ‘It means, that’s so hard to define because it crosses so many boards. But I guess, knowing what your limits are and keeping it within those limits.’

[Man 2] ‘Responsible gambling to me means, set yourself a limit, identifying what you can afford each week or each month and not going past that.’

[Man 3] ‘Responsible gambling to me means that you are able to set a limit and stick by that.’

[Woman 3] ‘Responsible gambling is when you can always stop. You know when you have hit your limit, when you have spent too much. Go out on a certain amount and don’t spend any more, regardless.’

[Victorian Responsible Gambling Foundation]

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