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Young man looking confidently at camera with the text 'Responsible Gambling Awareness Week 12 - 23 October'
Young man looking confidently at camera with the text 'Responsible Gambling Awareness Week 12 - 23 October'
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The week that was

Last week was Responsible Gambling Awareness Week, and once again the foundation and our partners held events across the state to raise awareness about the importance of gambling responsibly. The theme this year? Keep it in check, keep it well played.

Being informed allows individuals, the community and industry to make appropriate decisions about their gambling behaviour, and if they are experiencing issues, to know there is help available.

Special subject: responsible gambling

The Minister for Consumer Affairs, Gaming and Liquor Regulation, the Hon. Marlene Kairouz, launched the week, introducing a high-profile panel to discuss how the term ‘responsible gambling’ might be redefined to have more impact on reducing gambling harm.

Jenny Brockie of SBS TV’s Insight facilitated the spirited and enlightening discussion between panel members from community, academia and the gaming industry.

The panel comprised AFL premiership medal holder and former gambler Brent Guerra, chief financial officer from Ladbrokes Australia Lachlan Murray, researchers Professor Nerilee Hing from Central Queensland University and Doctor Anna Thomas from the Australian Gambling Research Centre, and Nadine Grinblat, chief executive of the Australasian Gaming Council.

Respected journalist Jenny Brockie, former AFL player Brent Guerra, the foundation's Chief Executive Officer Serge Sardo, Minister for Consumer Affairs, Gaming and Liquor Regulation Ms Marlene Kairouz MP, Chief Financial Officer at Ladbrokes Australia Lachlan Murray, Australian Gambling Council Chief Executive Nadine Grinblat, Dr Anna Thomas from the Australian Institute of Family Studies and Professor Nerilee Hing from Central Queensland University and at the launch of Responsible Gambling Awareness Week(L to R) Jenny Brockie, Brent Guerra, Serge Sardo, Marlene Kairouz MP, Lachlan Murray, Nadine Grinblat, Doctor Anna Thomas and Professor Nerilee Hing, photo: Paul Jeffers

A new foundation-funded study led by Professor Hing at Central Queensland University’s Experimental Gambling Research Laboratory was also released as part of Responsible Gambling Awareness Week. The report Behavioural indicators of responsible gambling consumption identifies for the first time commonly understood behaviours of responsible gambling. You can read more about the study in this edition of Inside gambling at Responsible gambling – towards a new definition.

The foundation also released a new discussion paper, Responsible gambling: past, present and future, to drive discussion around the term ‘responsible gambling’.

Download the paper:

Responsible gambling: past, present and future (PDF - 1118.4 KB)

Activities, conversations and tips to prevent gambling harm

During the week a wide range of events were held in both metropolitan and regional Victoria for the general public as well as community organisations and gaming venues.

These ranged from interactive presentations for parents, to community art competitions, a golf day, walking events and family fun days and expos for the local community. Many were held for people from a culturally and linguistically diverse or Aboriginal background.

The week provides a great opportunity for friends and family to talk about what it means to gamble responsibly.

For the first time, the foundation interviewed members of the public in the Melbourne CBD to find out their views on what it means to gamble responsibly. Their responses provide great insights into what the community thinks about the term ‘responsible gambling’ and some good personal tips to keep gambling under control.

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Responsible Gambling Awareness Week aims to encourage a balanced approach to gambling by providing practical tips on how to gamble responsibly.

The handy tips provided during the week include:

  • knowing how to set time and money limits when betting
  • taking breaks when betting
  • balancing your betting with other social and entertainment activities.

We will continue to promote these tips throughout the Spring Racing Carnival, so if people are planning to gamble, they can be informed about practical ways to do so without harm.

Coordinated by the foundation, Responsible Gambling Awareness Week is a unique partnership between the foundation, Gambler's Help services, local government, the gaming industry and community groups.

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