Video transcript: RGAW School Education Program

[External views of Williamstown High School, then inside a classroom with students at desks and teacher at the front]

[Ann Goller, VCAL Teacher] ‘Today I thought we’d do a lesson that’s been developed on gambling. So we are going to look at what happens to the pool of money if a betting agency is running a sweep.

[Ann, holding up a School Education Program Maths resource booklet] ‘I think that it highlights the maths behind gambling and I think it also highlights the risks, in an informed way, with some evidence that shows that it’s all based on probability and chance.’

[Alicia, VCAL student] ‘I think everybody knows that money isn’t really something to muck around with and it’s really helped us to know that we are not always going to win when we gamble.’

[Ann] ‘The biggest myth that they come in with is that there is some skill involved.’

[Tom, VCAL student] ‘I didn’t realise there was so much risk behind it and, that there’s not really a strategy as such it’s more just chance. You’re going into something that you are not sure what the outcome is going to be. ‘

[Teacher] ‘I think the students learnt that it can have a significant financial impact on them particularly, because they are at stage in their lives where they’re either going to be going on to study or they’re going to be working in a job where their income is quite limited.’

[Tom] ‘At our age, because we’re 18 and you know exploring, I definitely think it’s worth learning.’

[Teacher] ‘I think this is an excellent resource for kids in school.  I think it is really accessible for a lot of teachers.’

[Victorian Responsible Gambling Foundation, Responsible Gambling Awareness Week 17 – 23 October]

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