Video transcript: Love the game TV ad

[Female student sitting at a desk] ‘So my favourite sport is netball but I also love footy’

[Male student sitting in sports change room] ‘I play basketball’

[Male student leaning against lockers] ‘and football’

[Female student sitting in playground] ‘My team is Melbourne Storm’

[Male student in school corridor, checking his phone] ‘St Kilda are at $3-50 this weekend’

[Female student in classroom] ‘Hawks to win by 10 points’

[Male student in sports change room] ‘I bet you they won’t’

[Female student in classroom] ‘It’s pretty much a sure bet’

[Male in school corridor] ‘The bulldogs were at $2.75’

[Male in school grounds] ‘It’s just a part of sport’

[Female voice over] ‘Gambling advertising is changing the way our kids see sport. Let’s help them love the game, not the odds. Find out how to protect them from the risks. Visit Authorised by the Victorian Responsible Gambling Foundation, Melbourne’

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