Video transcript

[David Clark, Apprentice support worker, Incolink speaking to young tradies in a classroom]

[David] ‘We’re here today to raise awareness about gambling. Apprentices, particularly low income earners, have to be very careful with their money, and as an industry we want to see them do well. And we just want to make sure that the decisions they make are good decisions that are going to hold them in good stead. So that they end up becoming successful in their endeavours to become trades people.’

[Serge Sardo, CEO, Victorian Responsible Gambling Foundation] ‘Today the foundation is proud to be present at this important event where we are seeing part of the work around our prevention programs really being actioned.

[Young female apprentice tradie] ‘It’s quite a large importance, due to the advertising of gambling. It is actually a lot it based around tradies. You always see tradies in tradie hats, and shirts and stuff, on the ads.’

[Dan O’Brien, CEO, Incolink] ‘We’ve already had 12 months of this partnership. It’s been fantastic. We’ve done over 280 sessions, covering off over two and a half thousand TAFE apprentices. This takes us into a new phase, where we can get right across the state, delivering the same messages.’

[Young male apprentice tradie] ‘I reckon it’s pretty important to come in. Spend a bit of time in here. We don’t learn it all in life, so it’s good to learn it at TAFE, you know while we’re settled down and everything. So yeah, it’s important.’

[Serge] ‘People with gambling problems don’t walk into a venue and have a gambling problem. These problems start at a very, very early point. They start with having a few bets with mates. That gradually increases more and more and all of a sudden they find themselves, you know, with a serious gambling problem. What we are trying to do is get them at that early point, when they do start gambling, to make them aware that there are risks associated with that.’

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