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Brightly coloured post-it notes on a corkboard
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Upcoming electronic gaming machine (EGM) hearings

Australian Leisure and Hospitality Group Pty Ltd (ALH) has applied to the Victorian Commission for Gambling and Liquor Regulation for approval to install 40 EGMs at the Commercial Hotel (South Morang) in the City of Whittlesea. See the commission's website for documents relating to the application by ALH, and confirmation of the hearing date.

Gambling – let's talk about it!

Logo with the text "ReSPIN - Gambling Awareness Speaker's Bureau" and an illustrated graphic shape.ReSPIN Gambling Awareness Speakers Bureau recruits, trains and supports speakers to talk to community groups and organisations about the effects of gambling harm on individuals, families, friends, employers and colleagues.

All speakers have personally experienced gambling harm and use their stories and expertise to encourage understanding and help-seeking. The stories also represent the hope and resilience that is part of the gambling journey.

If you are interested in becoming a ReSPIN speaker or would like to book a speaker, please contact ReSPIN.


VCGLR News is a monthly eNewsletter produced by the Victorian Commission for Gambling and Liquor Regulation. It has the latest news, legislative changes and events around gambling regulation.

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Problem Gambling Foundation of New Zealand

Today's Stories

Microphones Today's Stories is a daily round up of gambling-related articles found online from New Zealand and around the world. It is compiled by Donna Aitken, the foundation's media and data analyst. To sign up please contact donna.aitken@pgfnz.org.nz

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