Video transcript: Carlton Football Club signs responsible gambling charter

[Carlton Football Club President Mark LoGiudice, Minister for Gaming and Liquor Regulation Jane Garrett, Carlton Football Club chief executive Steven Trigg and Victorian Responsible Gambling Foundation chief executive Serge Sardo sit at a large desk signing the responsible gambling charter and address the media]

STEVEN TRIGG: We're really pleased to announce today a partnership with the Victorian Responsible Gambling Foundation, and it's just another step in Carlton's move towards stronger leadership on such social issues.

[The group pose for photos for the media in front of painting of Carlton players]

SERGE SARDO: It's a pretty loud message when most of the AFL clubs in the competition are saying 'we don't want to promote gambling to our underage supporters'. And so the more clubs that join on this the louder that voice is going to be, and we certainly think that having Carlton, which is one of the largest clubs in Victoria, sign on to the charter sends a very loud message. And we hope that pretty soon, more clubs will join up and then we can really start to make some inroads into the whole AFL.

JANE GARRETT MP: It does make a difference, it makes a huge difference to young people. It changes the discussion. It changes the debate in our community. It highlights what has gone wrong, I think, in that the prevalence of advertising and discussion and odds, particularly among young kids and my own included, we have to take a stand as a community to have leaders amongst our community who have so much passion and love for them from so many people, to take this stand is really, really significant, and I thank Carlton for doing it.

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