Video transcript: Brent Guerra's video

Brent Guerra:  When I first started I'd have a few small bets here and there, never over the top and always in control. There's one time, one moment that that really turned it for me and that was during the football season in 2011 I think it was. I put a big six on and ended up winning $30,000. It was a great feeling. That's why people gamble to win money I suppose. I was on top of the world no doubt about it. 

Then you start to think this can happen every week, I can tell you right now said he didn't. I went from trying to win that thirty grand again to chasing my losses. I would spend my last 50 bucks in my account on trying to turn it into a thousand bucks $1,500 whatever it was and that's when I knew I had the problem. I'd have accounts on my phone and I wouldn't even have to leave my seat to put a bet on.

I went to great lengths to hide my problem -  through different email addresses and the lies. The lies was a big thing just telling people that I didn't have accounts when I did. I probably knew every TAB from my house down in Bayside through to here in Fitzroy. If people started to think I had a problem I'd just change tabs. 

I lost my last 50 bucks and I was supposed to go out for dinner that night and I was in a bad place and I thought I need to do something about this. I'd thought about it thousand times but I just don't have the courage to actually tell someone and I think once once I did that was a massive weight off my shoulders. I knew that would be the hardest thing is telling Rach, my family and close mates and so I went home and I did that and there were a lot of tears.

We just had a little boy and that's probably one thing that gets me down the most is what could I have given him if I hadn't lost that money. The reason I spoke out about my problem was to help others because the path I went down I wasn't great and I wouldn't like anyone else to go down that path. If I can help one person I'll get a lot of joy out of that.

Know your limits, at the time I didn't know my limits, well I did but I exceeded those limits. The advice would be is to know when to stop and don't chase. That's the last thing you want to do is is to chase. To put myself in that position and the people that I hurt along the way. Close friends, family, my wife I'd definitely trade a premiership medal to get all that back.

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