Video transcript: Clubs pledge to keep kids and betting apart

Jane Garrett: This is a really important day today. We have six terrific power house Victorian clubs who are signing the responsible gambling charter and we have Melbourne Victory renewing their commitment to make sure that these clubs do their absolute most to promote responsible gambling. To detangle betting and sports and particularly to protect those hundreds of thousands of young people who love their clubs - protect them from harms that can come from problem gambling.

Serge Sardo: Clubs are making a concerted decision to not promote any form of gambling advertising to underage kids. So we think this is a terrific outcome and it's sending a very loud message that the normalisation of gambling and sport has probably crossed the line.

Brent Guerra: You see sports betting advertising all over  TV, radio and in the papers and to see clubs stand up and say no to promoting these things is fantastic. 

Serge Sardo: By having the elite sporting clubs like the ones I've seen today it sends a really loud message to all sporting clubs that they have an important role in Victorian communities and to take that role seriously they need to disentangle gambling from sport.

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