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Back of woman's black race hat with horserace in background
Back of woman's black race hat with horserace in background
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Our tips for the Cup

Spring racing is here once again, with the promise of sunshine, luxe outfits and tickets to those fun-filled Melbourne race days!

From September through to November, both Melbourne and greater Victoria come alive as tens of thousands of local and interstate fans flock to our race tracks and cheer on their favourites in glorious, spring-racing style.

While the temptation is high to back your favourite (or favourites!) and win big, it's also important to keep in mind the reality of the world of sports betting. Gamble responsibly and return home with an album full of selfies, and no bet regret.

These tips will help you avoid getting carried away this racing season.

Tips for better betting

Man holds arms up as horses cross finish line at racetrackPhoto: iStock

  • Give yourself a limit of exactly how much money you're prepared to lose before you leave home on race day to ensure you don't overspend. For added safety, try the old cash-only method by taking no credit or ATM cards with you to firmly control how much you spend.
  • Remember there are up to 10 races each day and you don't need to bet on all of them. For those you do bet on, set a spend limit for each race, and don't chase your losses. Gambling is a high-risk activity, and losing is the price you can expect to pay for the entertainment.
  • Spring racing brings the best of the best in trainers, elite horses and professional jockeys. So, despite what anyone says, no horse is 'a sure thing'.
  • When betting with the totes, place your bets early to ensure you don't have to keep queuing at the window. If you are using your phone, beware of offers from online bookmakers that are beyond your spending limits.
  • Enjoy race day with a group of friends, meeting before you enter the track, and watching out for each other's gambling and alcohol consumption. Placing bets once you've been drinking is a mug's game. Get your bets on early with a clear head and then just enjoy the day.
  • Never spend more than you can afford to lose, and help your friends do the same. You wouldn't let them drink and drive, don't let them drink and bet.

And some final words of wisdom this Spring Racing Carnival …

Girl wears one sneaker and one high heelPhoto: iStock

It's always a great day on the field when you have your friends around you and a prime position trackside to watch the races.

To secure a great spot, arrive nice and early with your picnic rug. Set up nearest the track for the best view of the finish line and, of course, the fashions!

It's wise to pre-book your tickets to avoid the long queues at the gate.

Lastly, make sure you check the weather report so you're prepped for Melbourne's notoriously changing weather conditions. And, ladies – don't forget the spare pair of flats!

Emily Groszek
Emily Groszek

Emily Groszek is a program officer with the Victorian Responsible Gambling Foundation's prevention team. She is passionate about public health and health promotion, holistic health and wellbeing. She loves Melbourne's good food and great coffee, enjoys travel, and is a keen netballer.

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