Video transcript: Question time with Karen Paxman

[Young women in footy gear sitting on the grass]

[Young woman speaks into a microphone] Is there any moment that you would take back in a game?

[Karen, also sitting on the grass, speaks into a microphone]. Small laugh. Umm. I think one game, I can’t remember which game it was, but I kicked the ball the wrong way.

[Young woman laughs]

[Karen] I’d probably take that back but, still, it was pretty funny afterwards.

[Another young woman takes the microphone] How do you normally get ready for the game?

[Karen speaks] I make sure I get enough sleep so I’m not grumpy, umm, and I can concentrate during the game. I eat the right

[Young women listening while Karen keeps speaking] I eat the right foods so before a game…

[Camera back on Karen] …I like to make sure I eat, umm, spaghetti or some kind of pasta because that gives me energy the next day.

[Shot of Karen facing the young women] And I just like to be nice and calm and relaxed.

[Another young woman asks a question into the microphone] What number did you grow up wanting on the back of your jersey?

[Focus on Karen as she answers] I have always worn Number four.

[Photo of Karen kicking wearing her Number four jersey] I grew up, umm, loving four …

[Another photo of Karen kicking in her jersey] …because my mum loves the number.

[Focus on another young woman asking a question in the midst of the group] What’s the funniest thing that’s ever happened to you during a game?

[Focus on Karen] Seven or eight years ago, we played… we used to play on pretty bad grounds.

[Karen touches the grass] Nothing like this.

[Shot of Karen facing the group] The whole ground was this …

[Karen holds her hands about 30cms apart] … far under with mud, so mud was basically all up to our ankles [Karen rubs her shoe].

[Focus on Karen] Yeah, it was pretty funny.

[Wide shot of the Karen and the young women sitting in the circle]

[Question from another young woman] In the off-season, do you have anyone that you hang out with to, like, practise kicking and anything like that?

[Focus on Karen as she answers] Yeah, so, here at Melbourne…

[Women exercising on the oval] … we try and get together as much as we can in the off-season.

[Footage of women on a running track] So, we have a little Facebook group and we message each other.

[Women in a group on an oval] We just try and keep in contact and then meet up when we can.

[Another young woman asks a question] Do you have, like, a favourite AFL player that you, like, want to be just like?

[Focus on Karen] I wish I had Daisy’s …

[In-action photo of Daisy Pearce yelling in celebration] …competitiveness…

[Photo of Elise O’Dea kicking]… or Junie in our team – her silky foot skills.

[Photo of Tayla Harris] Tayla Harris. I wish I was as tall as her. That’d be cool. You could take, umm, you could take some big marks.

[Focus on Karen looking to the young women] But I pick and choose some skills off them.

[Question from another girl on the grass, very quiet] What’s your favourite thing about…

[Karen asks] What?

[Focus back on girl as she finishes her question] Your favourite thing about playing football?

[Focus on Karen] My favourite thing about playing football is definitely…

[Team members celebrating during a match] …the friendships I’ve made over the years.

[Another angle on the team celebration] Umm. Without footy…

[More celebration footage] … yeah, I don’t think I’d have nearly

[Karen talking to the young women] … as many mates as I’ve got now and all the fun memories you have with your footy mates are definitely the best thing about playing footy.

[Karen and the group face the camera] Love the game, not the odds.

[Words ‘Love the game, not the odds’ over the group, out of focus, sitting on the grass]

[Victorian Responsible Gambling Foundation and Melbourne Football Club logos display]

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