Video transcript: Christopher Saunders

My name’s Christopher Saunders. I'm a Gunditjmara man from South West Victoria. Now studying at LaTrobe University in Naarm, Melbourne. Been living here for the last four years and, yeah, I'm currently working at the Victorian Aboriginal Health Service in Fitzroy, and I'm Mr NAIDOC for 2019.

One thing that I think is an issue with gambling is how easily accessible it is for young people to get into. We see it around at all the sporting events we go to, just having dinner with family and stuff like that, some of the cheapest places we go to eat is like at TABS or where the pokies are, so it can be hard to stay out of that, out of a routine of gambling.

One of the big things I think that can combat gambling in our communities is that we have self-determination to help ourselves, but we also have really good community-run organisations that are available to help us when we need it. One of the big things I think from that is community inclusion in the process of healing.

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