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Text: Gambling has changed. Play for free. Win.

Title text: What's the big deal? Talking to teens about gambling.

Text: Conversation starters

Samantha Thomas: We now think of gambling as one of our big public health issues. It's not dissimilar from things like tobacco and alcohol use, which we would naturally to talk to our kids about.

Text: Samantha Thomas, Associate Professor of Public Health, University of Woollongong

Samantha Thomas: One of the best things that parents can do is to talk to their kids about the risks involved in gambling. But also about the role of marketing and promoting and selling gambling to the community. That behind of all these ads are companies that are trying to make a profit.

Turn to your kid and ask them how many gambling brands they can identify or name. It's a great way to start the conversation.

Dad one: He was quite taken with the odds, which I was at pains to point out to him that to run that whole system, they must be making buckets of money.

Tony Clarkson: I would really encourage parents to talk to their young people, their teenagers, about gambling, even if they don't think there's a problem.

Text: Tony Clarkson, Gambler's Help Clinical Manager

Tony Clarkson: But raise it in a way that doesn't feel like they're accusing them of something. One of the ways of doing it is by talking about somebody else. You know, de-personalising it, not making it about your kid, but talking about, 'I've got a friend at work whose son does this'.

Maybe not just talking about gambling, talking about how you spend your money, talking about how your friends spend their money, talking about adverts that pop up on TV. 'What do you think about that?' You know, 'Have you got, do you know anyone that does that?'

Dad two: You know when you're sitting back and it's gone to a commercial type thing, all of a sudden the gambling things come up. You just say to them, you know, 'What do you think of the gambling stuff?

Mum one: This has popped up on my phone, have you seen it? Or, Uncle Bill's using this app. Do you know anything about it?

Dad three: I might say to them while we're watching the game, 'Have you noticed that there's a bit of gambling?'

Dad four: Yeah, when I'm at the footy I've sort of approached it and asked my kids how they find it and whether they're interested in gambling and whether they find it annoying.

Mum two: I think I will say, 'Gee, there's a real issue with gambling at the moment. Are you aware of that?'

Text: Getting help

Tony Clarkson: You can go to the Gambler's Help website, which has got a lot of information on it for parents.


Tony Clarkson: They can call the Gambler's Help line. And you don't need to be the gambler to do that. Parents can call the Gambler's Help line and speak to a counsellor on the line.

Text: Gambler's Help 1800 858 858

Tony Clarkson: We've got a youth line that people can call. So it's important that parents are aware of that their young person can speak to somebody who really understands them on the youth line.

Text: Gambler's Help Youthline 1800 262 376

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