Video transcript: Kidbet

[Boy sitting in sports stadium, crowd around him cheering]

KidBet Boy: My Dad never taught me how to kick a footy. He taught me the stats and the odds instead.

[Two boys on football field, one with the ball, the other one chasing him. KidBet boy walks along the sidelines talking to camera]

KidBet boy: I know how to pick a winner and a loser. Think you know sport better than me? Wanna bet? 

[KidBet boy in playground, talking to camera]

KidBet boy: KidBet is the first betting agency by kids for kids. Because watching sport is all fun and games but if you want real excitement, you gotta put it on the line.

[Scenes of boys playing football and cricket, boys on cricket sidelines looking at KidBet app on a tablet]

Text: Kids may be exposed to over two hours of gambling advertising per week. On average, there is one teenager with a gambling problem in every classroom.

[KidBet boy in playground and schoolyard, talking to camera]

KidBet boy: So put your pocket money where your mouth is and take us on. At KidBet, no bet is too small. We'll take twenty cents. Footy, cricket. 

[Scenes of children in schoolyard, looking at KidBet app on a tablet]

Text: One in five adults with gambling problems started gambling before they were 18

KidBet boy: Whatever you're into, get some skin in the game with KidBet. And with our KidBet app, you can have a punt anytime, anywhere. 

[KidBet boy in front of large backlit KidBet promotional sign]

KidBet boy: So get your bets in and start winning, because that's what it's all about, Right? 

[KidBet logo, splits into two words 'Kid' and 'Bet' with the text 'they should never go together' between them]

Voiceover: Kids and betting, they should never go together. Protect kids from the risks of gambling. Find out how at

Logo: Gambler's Help 1800 858 858

Logo: Victorian Responsible Gambling Foundation

Logo: State Government Victoria

Voiceover: Authorised by the Victorian Responsible Gambling Foundation, Melbourne

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