Video transcript: How do you keep it well played? Gambling tips to keep your betting 'well played'

We open in a pokies venue, two women are walking out, chatting to each other.

Jay: this is Anna, when she plays the pokies, she sets her limits and sticks to them. Well played Anna.

He gives a nod to Anna as she walks past.

Cut to a backyard where a group of friends are having a BBQ. A man picks up a ball and passes it to his friend who is busy on the phone. His friend has to drop the phone to catch the ball. Our man starts laughing.

Jay is the uninvited neighbour looking over the fence.

Jay: This is Rick. When he catches up with mates, it’s not always about betting. Well played Rick.

He nods to Rick over the fence.

Cut to a sporting goods store, where a guy is trying on some new trainers. He’s looking at himself in the mirror when Jay appears from the change rooms.

Jay: And this is Dave. He always keeps track of the money he spends betting. Well played Dave.

He gives Dave the thumbs up in the mirror, then looks down at his shoes.

Jay: Nice kicks.

Jay, walking out of the store.

Jay: So how do you keep it well played? Visit

SUPER: Keep it in check. Keep it well played.


[Cut to a black screen.]

SUPER: Authorised by the Victorian Responsible Gambling Foundation Melbourne. Spoken by D. Humphris.

VO: Authorised by the Victorian Responsible Gambling Foundation Melbourne

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