Video transcript: Hoda Nahal on her work helping people affected by gambling

[Hoda walks along a footpath]

My name is Hoda, Nahal is the surname. My role is as senior counsellor with the Arabic Welfare.

[Hoda enters a building with a sign saying Hume City Hub above the entrance]

There's lots of reasons, actually, people have a gambling problem.

[Hoda walks along a corridor and enters an office]

They come to a new country and people take them to show them Melbourne.

[Close-up of Hoda speaking, with caption: Hoda Nahal, Senior Counsellor, Arabic Welfare Inc.]

And one of the things they take them to, to have a meal, is to the venues and pokies machines or the casinos. And because of the migration and the vulnerability and the trauma, people are very … they find that it's a part of socialising. So if they don't have the language, they can go to the venue and they don't need to speak English because the machine doesn't talk.

[Close-up of Gambler’s Help and Arabic Welfare brochures in a stand, Arabic Welfare ‘With compliments’ slip on a desk and then Hoda sitting at the desk and on the phone]

The majority of our referrals actually come from families and affected others.

[Close-up of Hoda speaking]

By helping the affected other or family members or a wife or friends, sometimes we are able also to engage the person. My way of explaining to the clients or the people in need is that I can tell you what to do, but I don't think I'm helping you in that process.

[Closed office door with ‘Session in progress’ sign hanging on it]

What I'm going to do with you is …

[Hoda speaking to a female client, both seated, client seen from behind]

… I'm going to help you to come up with some ideas and some solutions that you feel comfortable.

[Close-up of Hoda speaking]

I normally see people that they have two sides of them. There is the side that got caught into the addiction and they found it difficult to stop it, but there is the other side that feels a bit guilty.

[Hoda at her desk typing on her computer]

They’re not happy with what they are doing, they hide it because they’ve got the shame, they don't want their families to find about it.

[Close-up of Hoda speaking]

We get this side out and we found the strengths. Because I'm very sure, if it’s someone from a different country, you left your country, you came here, you worked, you bought a house, you know, you got children, so you know, there’s good things you're doing in life, too.

[Hoda stands in a corridor smiling at the viewer]

I love my work. I love it.

[Arabic Welfare Incorporated logo displays]

[Gambler’s Help logo displays, with phone number 1800 858 858 and website address]

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