Video transcript: Chandana's story

[City skyline]

[Chandana sitting on a park bench against a backdrop of trees]

I'm originally from India, I've been here for about ten years. I was not aware or have never been affected by anything regarding gambling until I came to Australia.

It was a shock to me when my partner was affected.

[Close-up of Chandana's hands]

It took me some time before I actually came to know about it. Unfortunately, I didn't know about any services… or how to seek help… what to do.

I couldn't understand why or how it happened. Others couldn't understand either and there was a lot of blame and shame going on. So there was even more reason to, kind of, keep it within the four walls.

[Sun shines through green leaves blowing in the breeze]

[Chandana strolls through the park]

I was isolated because I couldn't speak about it to anybody. It affected not only me, but extended families, and I'd say the most affected probably will be my child… who has to live with a broken family… so, yeah.

I had to take some drastic steps. After my separation, I got to know more about it because I was curious and I was … I just wanted to find some answers. Thankfully, subsequently, I have learnt a lot.  Even though it was a bad experience, it was an experience which I'm trying to utilise so it can benefit others and subsequently I started volunteering and then working in the field.

[Speaker giving a presentation. Audience listening attentively to speaker]

You don't need to keep it to yourself, seek help, the earlier you seek help, the less drastic measures you will need to take later on.

[Chandana speaking on the park bench]

Resolve the issue instead of just thinking that'll it'll just disappear one day, it's not going to disappear.

[Chandana standing in the park smiling]

But it's just a matter of approaching and, you know, seeing what is the right fit for you.

[Victorian Responsible Gambling Foundation logo displays]

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