Edition #20: September 2020

Walking past the pub with the pokies

Lachlan McKenzie recognised early on that a casual punt with mates wasn’t actually something he was cool and calm about. Once he understood his triggers to gamble he set about tackling them, and his recovery from gambling harm took him in an unexpected direction.

Dialling up Peer Connection

Banyule Community Health’s telephone-based Peer Connection program has operated without interruption through COVID-19 restrictions. Offering the insight of lived experience, this free service has the capacity to help even more people experiencing gambling harm.

SMART’s nifty shift online

EACH Gambler’s Help Self-Management and Recovery Training program moved online when COVID-19 hit. Encouraging participants to focus only on the last seven days and the next seven days, this addiction support program is highly effective alongside other therapeutic supports.

Reclink Connect on the ball

Reclink commonly offers enough sport and art programs to keep its participants busy every day of the week. But when COVID-19 hit, they quickly moved their services online to ensure that people experiencing disadvantage remained connected and informed. Push up challenge, anyone?

Getting played: gaming as a gambling gateway during school holidays

With schooling online and parents juggling more than ever before, many young people now have few limits imposed on their screen time. Parents are urged to do their homework on their children’s digital lives and be aware that gambling is increasingly encroaching on gaming.