Edition #1: Youth and gambling

Gambler's help counsellor, Angie

Five minutes with ...

Youthline phone counsellor, Angie Soumilas

Youthline’s Angie Soumilas talks about how she helps young people who are worried they have a problem with betting or concerned that someone close to them has a gambling problem.

Teenage daughter smiling at mum

Connecting the dots

Working together to help families recover

When Gambler’s Help, health professionals and other support services work together, it can improve outcomes for people with gambling problems and their families.

Toronto skyline at night

Around the globe

Postcard from Toronto

The International Think Tank on Gambling Research, Policy and Practice met in Toronto in April 2015 to discuss young people and online gaming, specific groups at risk of gambling harm, and moving research into action.


So totally random!!

The Victorian Responsible Gambling Foundation casts a wry eye on gambling in a regular cartoon in its eMagazine Inside gambling.